Long Cut Pasta

Long Cut Pasta

Our long cut noodles are made the way you would make them in your own kitchen and are never extruded from a machine. We use semolina and fresh eggs to create a roll of flat dough that we spread out and then cut into strips of long pasta. This handcrafted process ensures a higher quality long noodle that is always made in our signature semolina dough.  It’s a difference you can see and more importantly taste!

Our flavors of long noodles are fresh egg, spinach, black calamari (squid ink), fresh lemon and sweet basil, tomato, cracked black pepper, and basil.

As always, our flavors and all of our pastas are always 100% all natural and 100% delicious because we would never think of adding any artificial flavors or preservatives!

*** Please call ahead for availability ***

Linguine – Fresh Egg
Pappardelle – Fresh Egg
tomato fett
Tagliatelle – Tomato
Tagliatelle – Black Calamari
egg tagliatelli
Tagliatelle – Fresh Egg
spinach tagliatelli
Tagliatelle – Spinach
egg fett
Fettuccine – Fresh Egg
Fettuccine – Garden Basil
cracked black pepper fett
Fettuccine – Cracked Black Pepper
Tagliatelle – Lemon and Sweet Basil