Seafood Collection

Our seafood collection includes lobster ravioli, seafood (lobster, scallop and shrimp) ravioli, shrimp and sherry ravioli, scallop, and shrimp with pernod ravioli, crab, scallop and shrimp ravioli, lobster and asparagus ravioli, lobster wrapped in saffron dough ravioli, shrimp and artichoke ravioli, shrimp and portobello mushroom ravioli and native Maine lobster ravioli.  All are wrapped in our signature fresh egg semolina dough.

*** Please call ahead for availability ***


Lobster & Asparagus – Large Agnolotti
Shrimp & Artichoke – Large Agnolotti
Market Fresh Lobster in Egg Dough – Triangoli
Scallop Shrimp & Pernod – Large Square Ravioli
Native Maine Lobster – Medium Agnolotti
Crab Scallop & Shrimp – Large Square Ravioli
Market Fresh Lobster – Large Square Ravioli
Seafood (Lobster, Scallop, Shrimp) – Cannelloni
Market Fresh Lobster – Medium Round Ravioli
Lobster wrapped in Striped Tomato Dough – Large Round Ravioli
Market Fresh Lobster wrapped in Zebra Dough – Triangle
Lobster wrapped in Yellow Saffron Dough – Large Agnolotti
Shrimp & Portabella Mushrooms in Tomato Dough – Large Agnolotti